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Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company expends US $131,500 in a bid to minimize water wastage

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company spent US $131,500 to purchase eight utility vehicles for purposes of reducing water wastage. As such, the vehicles will be used for the quick response of attending to leaks and the reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

According to a press statement from the utility company, the move will go a long way towards reducing non-revenue water. This has proven to be a menace for the company as it hampers its efforts to improve service delivery.

MWSC Director Infrastructure Development Ndilakulampa Hamalambo said that the vehicles will also come in handy in the handling of customers’ complaints, which couldn’t be attended to on time before. He further added that the current NRW stands at 39%. Moreover, the company is currently targeting 25% within the next three years.

The Director further added that the set targets will only be realized if various strategies are implemented. He also termed the procurement of the vehicles as a milestone in the company’s effort to reduce NRW.

The eight vehicles have been handed over for the purposes of servicing towns of Chililabombwe, Chingola and Mufulira. Mr. Hamalambo said that a number of interventions have been put in place to reduce NRW as part of the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project. These efforts, he explained, will enable the company to get closer to the customers and provide a systematic way of dealing with pipe leaks, which are a major source of NRW.

The NRW Manager Cecilia Mkandawire said all the leaks need to be sealed in the ration of six leaks per person per day as expected by customers.

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