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Zambia to construct second largest dam at an estimated US $12m

Zambia is set to carry out the construction of what will be the second largest dam at an estimated US $12m. A group of six commercial farmers in Serenje District of Central Province have come together under the umbrella name Luombwa Irrigation Company to construct a dam in Muchinda Chiefdom. The dam will have a capacity of 83m cubic metres of water when filled to the brim and back flow of 6.1 km.

The country has been wholly dependent on rain-fed agriculture for the past 54 year. Following the unreliability of rainfall over the past few years, the provincial administration in Central Province has since decided to use other God-given natural resources such as rivers to drive the agricultural sector.

According to Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe, the provisional administration is in support of the second largest dam’s construction in order to grow the agricultural sector for the province. He further added that the government understands and values that with the increase in population till 2025, around 40% of that number will reside in Africa.

That being said, the demand for agricultural produce, in terms of food will be on the increase and as such the country will need to position itself as Central Province not only to feed its population but also the continent at large. Hence, the dam to be constructed will support irrigation and livestock as well as fish caging throughout the year. He stressed that the dam would create jobs for the local people also.

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