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BMG Fluid Technology ,desiccant breathers hydraulics & pneumatics

FG desiccant breathers have an enlarged housing, which ensures up to 20% more absorption of moisture than conventional breathers. The centre tube is constructed from a robust nylon material, providing rigidity to the element and allowing an even air flow through the silica gel. For additional system protection, secondary filter media prevent any possible migration of silica dust.

For optimum change-out intervals, a clear polycarbonate outer-shell provides a visual indicator of the condition of silica gel. Multi-layer polyester filter media provide 3-micron particulate filtration and a polyurethane foam collects oil mist and distributes air evenly over filter media and the moisture-absorbing silica gel.

Breathers are suitable for use in hydraulic units, where there are high humidity and temperature fluctuations. The normal hazards of condensation – rapid ageing of hydraulic oil, degradation of additives and corrosion – are prevented.

FG desiccant breathers protect lubricants and machines from damaged caused by moisture and the ingress of particles.

Typical applications include wind energy, power plants, tunnel construction, aerospace and manufacturing processes, as well as petrochemical and chemical plants.

In addition, BMG supplies FG coalescer filters, which are used in the fuel line for the efficient operation of marine diesel engines.

The company’s national branch network, of over 130 outlets, supports an extensive range of fluid technology products and bespoke systems, with field services and technical resources. BMG also offers a design and manufacturing service, according to exact requirements, for small installations and major projects alike.


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